Cosmetic product stability tests

In our lab we perform the necessary stability testing in order to ensure that your product maintains and meets the intended physical and chemical quality standards as well as functionality and aesthetics when stored. Since there are a great variety of cosmetic products and there is no standard test that works for all types of products we optimize our testing parameters depending on the nature of your cosmetic product.

 Packaging compatibility testing

Choosing the right packaging is a not only a matter of making your product look good on the shelves, it should also perform correctly when stored and used.


 Microbiological stability tests

Microbial preservation of cosmetics is important to ensure the microbial safety of cosmetics for the consumer and maintain
the quality of the product.

During product development we perform microbiological screening tests in order to provide quick and semi-quantitative results.

When the product is ready for the market it needs to be challenge tested. This is a legal requirement to ensure the safety of the product.

 Dermatological testing

Dermatological testing is not a legal requirement but can be useful for certain formulations and can be done upon request.