Need a new formula?

Whether you are looking for a complete new cosmetic line or only a single product

We are here to help you!

In our laboratory we have formulated a wide range of cosmetic products such as:


Natural and organic cosmetics (Ecocert / Cosmos / NaTrue)

Hair colors (Permanent, temporary)

Shampoos, Conditioners, Skin Care Lotions, Styling Products, etc


We want your recipe to be unique!

We are formulating on customer demands and are NOT using “standard” recipes.

We can also adapt or reformulate your existing formula if e.g.

  • Your customers request a more “natural” formula
  • Regulations change (an ingredient is not allowed anymore) 
  • Your product is unstable (color fading, phase separation)
  • There are customer complaints – your product should perform better
  • Your producer is no more in business and you need a “copy of your own” recipe