As most companies Cosmetic Labsolutions

started with an idea...

... or rather, an insight.

The insight that the cosmetic business has changed or evolved over the past years. Not only do consumers demand a more natural and organic cosmetic product and sustainable packaging, but they are also more aware of details such the ingredients (INCI) that has to be mentioned on the packing or label. This awareness comes of course due to the ease of finding information about any topic via the internet.

Unfortunately, this is also accompanied by misinformation but nevertheless the industry has to react quickly to the new demands.

Cosmetic Labsolutions is specialized on exactly these time-consuming tasks, such as reformulating and adapting formulations to any given restriction. On top of this the EU has strengthened the safety of cosmetic products and the absolute need for a qualified safety assessor and a safety assessment in order to put any cosmetic product on the EU market.

Since the start in 2013 we already have satisfied customers all over the world and we are fast growing.

Cosmetic Labsolutions is here for you!

We know TIME and QUALITY are crucial and we have short turnover times and small manufacturing MOQ:s


Experts in contract manufacturing of cosmetics

We support you in the realization of your own cosmetics line. With us, you can manufacture your private label cosmetic products securely and fast.

If you are selling or producing cosmetics in the EU we can help you with: